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I am Troy Davis: New Book Tells the Story of One Family’s Battle Against the Death Penalty

Nearly two years ago, Americans across the country watched with bated breath and horror as the minutes ticked on toward the execution of Troy Davis, an African American man whose innocence of the crime he was convicted of seemed apparent to most people who examined his case.

It was his fourth execution date and he had exhausted all his appeals. Now it was up to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Parole to grant Davis clemency.

But they did not and Troy Davis was executed by the State of Georgia. It was a terrible moment, and thousands of us watching live news proceedings on September 21, 2011, outside the execution chamber, wept silently.

Now, the story of Troy Davis and his tight-knit family, is told in a new book called I Am Troy Davis, after the familiar refrain seen on protest posters calling for his freedom.

The book, by activist and writer Jen Marlowe, was meant to be a collaboration with Troy’s sister Martina Davis-Correia, a woman who fought harder than anyone else for her brother’s freedom, but succumbed to breast cancer only two months after Troy was killed.

Marlowe based her book on in-depth interviews with Martina and Troy, and shares the deeply moving story of one family’s fight against the American death penalty system.

GUEST: Jen Marlowe, human rights activist, writer, and film maker, co-author of the book I am Troy Davis

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There will be a live tweet chat on Friday September 20th from 1-2 pm EST using #IAmTroyDavis.