Nov 14 2013

Congressional Reps Say No To ‘Fast-Track’ Authority on the TPP

Activists opposing a far reaching trade plan are cautiously optimistic about a new development that could spell the end of the TPP, or at least slow it down. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secret trade deal being negotiated by the Obama administration directly with various nations. Leaked portions of the TPP have angered many people who fear a subservience of human rights, environmental protections, labor laws, and intellectual property rights to corporate interests.

Now, a bi-partisan group of 174 House Representatives have signed onto a letter opposing what is called “Fast-Track authority” for the President to negotiate the deal. Under Fast-Track, elected representatives are only allowed to vote on the entire agreement without being party to negotiations over the details. Congressional opposition comes at a tricky time for Obama who is readying for a meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah next week with country representatives.

Meanwhile, Wikileaks has just published a leaked draft chapter of the agreement which has confirmed some of the worst suspicions of activists opposing it. One expert called it “A Christmas wish-list for major corporations.”

GUEST: Ben Beachy, Research Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

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