Nov 15 2013

John Sayles’ Film ‘Go For Sisters’ Defies Hollywood Convention

In an era when almost every major Hollywood film features white protagonists and where special effects seem as important as the actors themselves, acclaimed Academy award nominated director John Sayles has released an unconventional movie about, well, real life.

Go For Sisters is the 18th feature film written and directed by Sayles, a man who has pioneered independent cinema in the US. In it, the three main protagonists are 2 black women and 1 Latino male. Lisa Gay Hamilton plays a parole officer named Bernice, who reunites with her childhood friend Fontayne, played by Yolonda Ross. They partner up with an ex-LAPD Detective, Freddie Suarez, played by Edward James Olmos, to look for Bernice’s son Rodney in a thrilling chase that takes them south of the border.

The film touches upon sisterhood between women and a mother’s desperate love for her son, within the context of working class, communities of color that navigate drugs, law enforcement, gangs, and the immigration system. Ultimately Go For Sisters is a fast-paced yet simple story whose characters resemble real people with real issues. The film opens today, Friday November 15, at the Landmark Nuart Theater in Los Angeles.

GUEST: John Sayles is an acclaimed independent film maker, a two-time academy award nominee, writer and director of Go For Sisters

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One Response to “John Sayles’ Film ‘Go For Sisters’ Defies Hollywood Convention”

  1. RPon 16 Nov 2013 at 10:13 am

    This sounds like an interesting movie. Just a few days ago, I recommended an older John Sayles movie to a friend: Brother From Another Planet.

    I’m still trying to find a way to see his semi-recent film, Amigo (about the brutal U.S. invasion/occupation of the Philippines). I missed it in the theater, and Netflix isn’t carrying it. Clips of it and an interview with Sayles can be found in the archives of Democracy Now!