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Rev. Billy Faces Possible Year-Long Prison Sentence for Confronting JP Morgan Chase’s Role in Toad Extinction

This year’s holiday shopping creep has angered many Americans but many more will likely show up on Thanksgiving morning or afternoon to spend their dollars on things they don’t need instead of spending their time with those they love.

Activist Billy Talen who goes by the name of Rev. Billy, has been pointing out the problems of rampant consumerism for over a decade through his performance art. While he has been arrested 75 times for his acts of civil disobedience he has never served any serious jail time.

In June however, his 15 minute musical performance at a JP Morgan Chase Bank in Manhattan was called a “criminal stunt” and resulted in several misdemeanor charges. The performance was intended to show how JP Morgan’s investments in environmentally destructive practices like mountain top removal have led to climate change.

Backing up Reverend Billy was his 14-member “Stop Shopping Choir” dressed up as Central American Toads, an animal which has become extinct due to global warming. Reverend Billy faces up to a one year prison sentence. His trial will begin on December 9th.

GUEST: Rev. Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping

Find out more about Rev. Billy’s work at www.revbilly.com