Dec 02 2013

Dire Warnings of Impending Genocide in Central African Republic Spurs Scramble for Foreign Troops

One of the poorest countries in the world has become the center of a conflict so dire that some are predicting a genocide.

The Central African Republic, which lies in the heart of the African continent, was taken over earlier this year by a rebel group from the North calling themselves the Seleka. The group’s leader, Michel Djotodia declared himself President, overthrowing the incumbent, François Bozizé.

Now, fighting between the Seleka and opposition groups has resulted in an unknown number of deaths and there has been a spike in assassinations, rapes, and even torture. A full ten percent of the population of 4.6 million have been displaced from their homes and are in desperate need of food aid.

The Central African Republic is also where the US has forces hunting down notorious Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, but he is not involved in the current turmoil.

There are already 2,500 African Union troops in the Central African Republic. And France, the country’s former colonizer, has announced 1000 French troops to stem the violence.

GUEST: Said Sheikh Samatar, Professor of African history at Rutgers University, and Executive Director of the independent journal “Horn of Africa” and author the book “Somalia: a Nation in Turmoil.”

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