Dec 11 2013

Please Support Independent Journalism by donating to KPFK!

We are currently in our Winter Fund Drive and need your support. While shows like Democracy Now have dozens of staff members helping to put together their programs, Sonali and Bipasha singlehandedly put together Uprising on a daily basis. We could use your help!

One of our most interesting fund drive gifts is the Pacifica Radio Memory Stick for a pledge of $180. This small USB stick features lectures and speeches from over 100 powerful speakers including Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Alice Walker, Chris Hedges, Gabor Mate, Howard Zinn, Eduardo Galeano, Jeremy Scahill, Naomi Klein, Michael Pollan and so many many more! This is an amazing collection of the leading progressive and intellectual voices of our time. You can listen to the speeches on your computer or you can download the material onto your ipod or other listening device.

Click here to pledge $180 for the memory stick.

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