Jan 03 2014

Special Report: LA City Council Considers Banning Public Feeding of Homeless

Los Angeles City Council members Tom LaBonge and Mitch O’Farrell have introduced a motion that could lead to banning the public feeding of homeless people in the city.

The Councilmen say they are responding to complaints from local residents who feel the food distributions are a nuisance and create an unsafe atmosphere.

Currently a number of faith based and charitable organizations feed homeless people on sidewalks several times a week.

The move by the LA City Council mirrors similar policies in various other cities around the country. According to the National Coalition of the Homeless more than 30 cities have debated or even passed similar ordinances against feeding homeless people in public.

Uprising correspondent Jess Underwood files this special report from one such public feeding in Los Angeles, and a recent local protest against the City Council motion.

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