Jan 08 2014

How States Can Nullify the NSA By Cutting Off Its Water Supply

With the NSA tracking our every phone call, text and email message, ordinary people are struggling to find ways to fight back. A group called the Tenth Amendment Center may have found the NSA’s achilles heel. Realizing that the security agency must rely on State municipal services like water and electricity to carry out their surveillance work, the group hopes to dismantle the spy agency by helping individual states pass laws that restrict NSA data centers’ access to these services.

Working under the project name ‘Nullify the NSA,’ the group has put together a model piece of legislation called The Fourth Amendment Protection Act which they hope lawmakers will adopt across the country.

The act prohibits the use of State and local municipal services like water which is crucial for cooling down the NSA’s mega computers that process massive amounts of data. It would also ban local law enforcement from cooperating with the NSA, and corporations which work with the NSA would be prohibited from providing state services.

On Monday California State Senator Ted Lieu, a Democrat from Torrance, and State Senator Joel Anderson, a Republican from San Diego, introduced SB 828 modeled after the Fourth Amendment Protection Act.

GUEST: Michael Boldin, executive director the Tenth Amendment Center, which is spearheading the legislation

For more information about this effort, visit www.offnow.org.

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