Jan 09 2014

Abuses in LA County Jails: Beyond Lee Baca’s Resignation

Surprising nearly everyone, LA County Sheriff Lee Baca announced on Tuesday morning that he would be retiring from the Sheriff’s department after more than 40 years. Baca who has been LA County Sheriff for the last 15 years will step down at the end of January. Although he denied resigning because of pressure from federal prosecutors, critics felt that it was a direct result of intense scrutiny from the FBI, Department of Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union which found his tenure to be riddled with rampant abuse and misconduct.

Uprising host Sonali Kolhatkar spoke with award winning investigative journalist Matthew Fleischer about the resignation and the on-going investigations into inmate abuses in LA County Jails.

Watch a video of the interview here:

Bipasha Shom recorded this interview.

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