Mar 04 2014

Fighting the Climate Crisis, From Los Angeles to Washington DC

Nearly 400 young people, mostly students, were arrested outside the White House this weekend protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, in a sign that dissent has not died down. The actions began at Georgetown University with over a thousand students marching down to Lafayette Park, unfurling large banners that asked President Obama if he wanted to be a “Pipeline President, or Climate Champion.”

Students chained themselves to the White House fence with zip ties, and were arrested. They want Obama to reject the project – a massive pipeline from Alberta, Canada across the US, to oil refineries in the Gulf states. The State Department just released an environmental review of the project and is accepting public comment for a limited time.

Meanwhile, here in Southern California, also over the weekend, climate activists launched what they call “The Great March for Climate Action” in Los Angeles. Activists are walking nearly 3000 miles from LA cross country to Washington DC to call attention to the increasing problem of climate change.

GUESTS: Ed Fallon, founder and director of the Great March for Climate Action and former state legislator from Iowa, Aly Johnson-Kurts, one of the protesters arrested – she is a student at Smith College, currently taking a year off to fight the climate crisis.

Visit for information about the Great March for Climate Action, and for ongoing protests on the Keystone XL pipeline.

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