Mar 10 2014

New Doc, ‘It’s Better to Jump,’ Chronicles Story of Arab Cultural Erasure Inside Israel

A coastal city on the north western border of Israel called Akka, is the focus of a new documentary called It’s Better to Jump. While much attention is rightfully placed on those Palestinians living within the Occupied Territories of Gaza and the West Bank, not much is known about Arab populations living within Israel. These are families who lived in cities like Akka for generations only to find themselves in a new country with a new government, and dominant culture.

The story of Akka, told by film makers Patrick Stewart, Mouna Stewart, and Gina Angelone, is of the cultural oppression of Arabs inside Israel, through the slow process of gentrification, poverty, and laws that favor Jews. But Akka was once a mixed city, where Jews, Muslims, and Christians lived alongside one another in view of the breathtakingly beautiful Mediterranean sea.

GUESTS: Patrick Stewart, and Mouna Stewart, the directors and producers of It’s Better to Jump

Visit for more information about the film and to purchase the DVD.

The film will be screened on Wednesday March 12th at 5 pm in Claremont, at CGU’s Albrecht Auditorium, N Dartmouth Avenue, Claremont.

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