Mar 17 2014

Dow Chemical Seeks Approval of Herbicide Containing Agent Orange Chemical

Even though awareness of the ill effects of pesticides is greater than ever and more of us these days are inclined toward organic, toxin-free food, none of that matters to Dow Chemical. One of the largest chemical companies in the world, Dow is chomping at the bit for approval of a new herbicide and genetically engineered seed duo that it has spent years developing. The herbicide includes a chemical called 2,4-D – the same chemical that was used in the notorious chemical weapon called Agent Orange, used by the US in Vietnam and that has been known to cause severe health and reproductive problems.

For years Monsanto had the monopoly on GE seeds that farmers could liberally spray its pesticide Roundup on, killing off the weeds while leaving plants intact. But overuse of Roundup has led to the development of new herbicide resistant super weeds. Dow’s release of it’s “Enlist” herbicide-seed duo is expected to drive up use of the dangerous chemical by hundreds of percent, potentially leading to even stronger weeds that threaten agriculture altogether, and poison the planet faster.

GUEST: Genna Reed, Lead GMO Researcher for Food and Water Watch

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One Response to “Dow Chemical Seeks Approval of Herbicide Containing Agent Orange Chemical”

  1. Tomon 13 Apr 2014 at 6:44 am

    Genna, what blatant fear mongering! 2,4D has been used on millions of lawns for decades for control of annuals like dandelions with absolutely no ill effects.
    Check your garage, Home Depot, Lowes. Read the labels. We’ve been using this technology for years. You ran barefoot in it as a kid. You hide the Easter eggs in your lawns, your pets roll around in the grass treated with 2,4D and guess what? You, your kids and your pets have suffered no ill effects.
    You don’t have to believe me, just go to your garage or garden supply store and read the label. You’ve have had a higher concentration of 2,4D applied to your front yard than any farmer will on any of his soybean fields.
    God, I hate it when these fear mongers insult our intelligence!

    And Genna, as you already know “organic” does not equate to toxic free. In fact, while no mammal or human has ever suffered ill effects from eating any GMO products, people have died from eating “organic” produce. Don’t have to believe me on this either. Check with the AMA.