Mar 17 2014

Uprising to be on FSTV!

Free Speech TV, a national, commercial-free television network with distribution to 40 million households nationwide, has invited Uprising to be part of its regular line up. This is excellent news because it means we can expand the program and its unique content to potentially millions of viewers.

This means that we have to turn Uprising from a radio program in Southern California to a nationally syndicated television program. We want YOU to be part of the campaign we’re about to launch to make that happen.

On April 1st we will launch an Indiegogo campaign to make Uprising TV a reality to outfit KPFK with video recording and editing equipment.

Spread the word – tell your friends – and stay tuned for April 1st and the launch of our campaign. We hope to go live on FSTV sometime in the summer, if the campaign is successful!

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One Response to “Uprising to be on FSTV!”

  1. Revolutionarybumon 19 Mar 2014 at 6:45 pm

    Wonderful news! You will have my support. I’ve been financially supporting FSTV for more than a decade and it’s the only Democracynow, David Packman and others are the only TV news outlets I watch. This is exactly what’s needed right now, congratulations you’ll do a great job.