Mar 21 2014

McDonalds Workers Sue for Wage Theft

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The campaign for fair wages for fast food workers took a new turn recently with workers at McDonalds franchises filing a number of lawsuits in cities around the country over what they are calling “wage theft.”

In California alone, three suits were filed. Workers say they are often underpaid, not paid for overtime, not reimbursed for work-related expenses, or not allowed to start their shifts until enough customers arrive. Protests in 30 cities on Tuesday highlighted the issue, the same day that New York’s Attorney General announced a $500,000 settlement to compensate staff at 7 McDonald’s franchises in the state.

McDonald’s, which does not run most of its franchises directly, has said it is investigating the claims. The lawsuits are the latest step of the broader “Fight for 15” campaign to raise fast food workers’ hourly wages to $15 an hour.

GUEST: Catherine Ruckelshaus is Legal Co-Director of the National Employment Law Project, where she convenes the Just Pay Working Group of advocates, academics, and state and federal policymakers

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