Mar 26 2014

Georgia’s New Gun Law, Most Extreme in Nation

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A gun proliferation bill, called by some, the “most extreme gun bill in America” is currently on Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s desk awaiting his signature. The bill, which will almost surely be approved by the Republican will allow people with weapons permits to carry guns into bars, nightclubs, churches, public schools and even airports. The bill would also expand Georgia’s current Stand Your Ground Laws by allowing felons to invoke the defense if they shoot before being attacked.

The National Rifle Association or NRA, lobbied heavily in favor of the bill calling it a “historic victory for the 2nd Amendment”, despite polls which showed 70 percent of Georgia residents in opposition to the measure. Even Georgia’s police chiefs association and restaurant association, and the federal Transportation Security Administration or TSA were strongly opposed to it. But politically, the bill faces few challengers. Even Jason Carter, a Georgia Democratic State Senator and son of former President Jimmy Carter, who will be running against Governor Deal in the upcoming election, is in favor of the bill.

GUEST: Josh Horwitz, Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

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