Mar 26 2014

In the Light of Humane Nature

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In the just released book, In The Light of Humane Nature, environmental activist and author Arthur B. Weissman proposes a fundamental change in our approach to the health of our planet. Drawing on decades of experience in the environmental movement, Weissman asks us to reconstitute our core morality to include not just human centered interests but a moral compass that includes all species and supporting systems.

He states, “Our destruction of nature represents a violation of our most important human values as well as a threat to survival.”

Yet today, being “green” is trendy. Corporations are attempting to label their products earth-friendly. But, as Weissman writes, “the world burns.”

GUEST: Arthur B. Weissman, is a scholar and long time environmental policy and enforcement advocate. He helped to establish Green Seal as the premier nonprofit certifier of green products and services in the US. He has worked for Environmental Protection Agency, US Congress, and The Nature Conservancy, and served as founding Chair of the Global Ecolabelling Network. He is the author of In the Light of Humane Nature: Human Values, Nature, The Green Economy, and Environmental Salvation

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