Mar 27 2014

LA Sheriff’s Whistleblower-turned Candidate Bob Olmsted Wants to Reform Jail System

On June 3rd Angelenos will have a chance to elect a new sheriff to replace Lee Baca who retired unexpectedly at the end of January. Baca left his position mired in scandal after 18 of his sheriff’s deputies indicted by the federal government after the FBI found serious prisoner and visitor abuses and a cover-up at the Men’s Central Jail, the largest jail system in the United States.

Among the 7 candidates vying for the position of Sherriff are former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka who was accused by a county commission created following the scandal as having played a major role in maintaining abusive jail conditions. Also running for the position is former LA Sheriff’s Commander Bob Olmsted who blew the whistle on prisoner abuse by going to the FBI when Baca and Tanaka refused to address his concerns.

GUEST: Bob Olmsted was a captain at Men’s County Jail, and became a whistleblower after he retired

Olmsted’s campaign is online at

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One Response to “LA Sheriff’s Whistleblower-turned Candidate Bob Olmsted Wants to Reform Jail System”

  1. Mikeon 30 Mar 2014 at 3:02 pm

    LASD has paid out hundreds of millions in civil suits.

    They don’t get they are not above the law.

    What they do does not make it legal because they are doing it; thus they are not the law.

    And for those deputies and sworn who came in with ethics are sucked in or give up and just go with the flow or they are left out.

    Their alternative is to be a whistle blower.

    I am a victim and I will blow the whistle, bang the drum and get on a loudspeaker in front of the media for the corruption.

    Bob Olmsted a retired commander running for Sheriff thinks he can correct the abuse and corruption.

    I think corruption is part of power.

    If there is no oversight.