Mar 28 2014

Climate Roundup: Shifting Grounds in Washington and Alaska, Latest IPCC Draft, and New Study on Future Climate Chaos

Each week Uprising will analyze the most pressing climate change stories of the past week with our guest Kelly Mitchell, Coal Campaigner for Greenpeace.

Climate change we are finding will literally make the earth move – I’m not talking about earthquakes but landslides. The state of Washington this week was wracked by a devastating land slide that killed at least 25 people with dozens still missing. Prior to the landslide, the northwest region of Washington received record rainfall. The rain, coming after an unusually parched period, made for unstable earth. In Alaska residents are witnessing a slower version of something similar. Melting permafrost due to a warmer planet, has led to roads being ripped apart and building literally sagging. Click here for a Think Progress report and here for an Al Jazeera article about these stories.

The UN’s climate agency, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is finalizing its latest report with scientists gathering in Japan this week. In past years, leaked versions have been sensationalized and often twisted by climate deniers. While this year’s report is as damning as before, there also are reports of scientific bickering. The New York Times cites “language that implies the climate panel is retreating from some 2007 statements on risks of widespread species extinctions.” Click here for a Huffington Post article and here for a New York Times blog about the story.

If the IPCC report doesn’t inspire confidence in the inevitability of climate change, perhaps another report will. The Environmental Justice Foundation, a UK based non-profit, has attempted to predict the chaos of a warming world in a report titled “The Gathering Storm: climate change, security and conflict.” It they examine the potential military conflicts that could arise in a world where resources become scarce. Click here for an report about the story.

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