Apr 08 2014

How Grey Water Systems Can Ease California’s Historic Drought

Surveyors from California’s Department of Water Resources skied into the Sierra Mountains on April 1st and returned with grim news. California’s historic drought is set to continue with that area’s snow pack at a frighteningly low 29 percent. The area is a strong indicator for regional water levels.

Despite the historic drought, Californians typically consume 10,000 gallons of water a month per person. This state supplies a significant proportion of the nation’s fresh produce. Now, agriculture conglomerates, city governments, and even marijuana farmers are battling over dwindling water supplies.

But what if we were to re-use some of the 10,000 gallons each of us goes through every month? What if the water we use to rinse our hands, or wash our clothes could be used to water our plants, or better yet, our urban vegetable gardens?

GUEST: Leigh Jerrard is the founder of Grey Water Corps, a company dedicated to recapturing bath and laundry water for landscape irrigation

Visit www.greywatercorps.com and www.greywateraction.org for more information. Leigh Jerrard also recommends the book, Create an Oasis with Greywater by Art Ludwig.

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