Apr 09 2014

Daily News Flash with Rahul Mahajan on Penn Highschool Stabbing, Jackson Special Election, and ‘Heartbleed’ Internet Bug

Uprising’s guest expert Rahul Mahajan, a sociologist and news analyst and author of Full Spectrum Dominance: US Power in Iraq and Beyond, analyzes today’s news headlines:

Four students were seriously injured this morning at a high school stabbing near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. A male student is apparently in custody as details of the incident are still unfolding. The stabbings also resulted in minor injuries to 20 other students. All the victims are between the ages of 14 and 17 and some may have injuries that are apparently life threatening. Click here for an Associated Press article about the story.

Following the untimely death of Jackson Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Lumumba in late February, a special election to replace him was held yesterday. Thirteen people ran without party affiliation, and two candidates emerged with the most votes: Lumumba’s own son, Chokwe Antar, and City Council man Tony Yarber. As of now there is only a ten vote difference between them. A run-off election is scheduled for April 22nd. The late Mayor Lumumba was striking for his progressive policies in a majority black and poor city. Click here for an article in The Republic about this story.

In a major internet security breach which analysts are still struggling to understand and contain, a serious vulnerability has been found in widely used encryption software called OpenSSL. A bug dubbed “Heartbleed” has been found to be fishing for private and potentially sensitive user data from companies like Yahoo. One tech site said “Tens of millions of servers were exposed to Heartbleed,” while the International Computer Science Institute called it “catastrophically bad” and a “hugely damaging bug.” According to CNN, “Heartbleed could put your personal information at risk, including passwords, credit card information and e-mails.” Click here for an RT.com article and here for a CNN.com article about the story.

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