Apr 09 2014

Republicans Endanger the Endangered Species Act

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For the past 40 plus years the Endangered Species Act has been protecting the most vulnerable fish, plants and wildlife in this nation from becoming extinct. The Act, which was signed into law by President Richard Nixon in 1973 to protect endangered species and also their habitats, is now seriously endangered itself – from Republicans in the House of Representatives.

The House Natural Resources Committee yesterday began hearings on four bills which could possibly undermine the efforts of the Endangered Species Act. One of the bills would require public online listings of endangered species and their habitats which could possibly jeopardize them by making their locations public knowledge.

Another bill would require an accounting of all lawsuits which have been filed against the Endangered Species Act which could result in large amounts of money being siphoned off from funds which were meant for conservation.

GUEST: Brett Hartl, Endangered Species Policy Analyst with the Center for Biological Diversity

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