Apr 16 2014

Leaked Senate Intel Committee’s Report And Agency Manual Reveal CIA Conduct ‘Business As Usual’

A major Senate Intelligence Committee report on the CIA’s use of torture during the Bush years has been at the center of major controversy. Now, soon after the committee voted to release portions of the report, some sections were leaked to McClatchy news, increasing tensions between the agency and Senators to near-breaking point.

The report was four years in the making and reportedly cost taxpayers $40 million. Senate staffers mined more than 6 million pages of CIA documents and as a result of the leak, are being investigated by the Justice Department at the request of the CIA. Sen. Dianne Feinstein who heads the committee, while calling for an investigation of McClatchy for the leaks, has accused the CIA of intimidation. She has also accused the CIA of spying on Senators in the course of creating the report.

Based on anonymous sources and on the leaked portions of the report, the CIA apparently lied about the effectiveness, brutality and legal underpinnings for what they called “enhanced interrogation” techniques. The agency has apparently also lied about the number of people detained. Detainees were in many cases deprived of sleep for eleven days at a time, shackled to ceilings while being bombarded with high decibel loops of the Red Hot Chili Peppers music for hours at a time. One detainee was water-boarded 183 times.

Meanwhile the CIA’s counter-intelligence interrogation manual in use in the 1960s was quietly released recently in response to a lawsuit. The manual reveals that the post 9-11 conduct of the CIA was not out of the ordinary.

GUEST: Jeffrey Kaye, a clinical psychologist, writes for the Dissenter at Firedoglake, and has written for the Guardian, Truthout and Alternet, and blogs at Invictus

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