Apr 17 2014

Vermont May Become First State to Require GMO Labeling

The state of Vermont could become the first in the nation to approve the labeling of genetically modified foods. The Vermont Senate passed a law 28 to 2 this week, requiring food production companies to identify if their products contain GMOs by the year 2016. The bill now heads to the Vermont State House which already passed a similar version that the Senate amended.

Giant food companies and agri-businesses like ConAgra and Monsanto have fought tooth and nail against labeling laws, often resorting to underhanded PR tactics and threats of lawsuits to dissuade voters and lawmakers. Because of that the Vermont bill includes a legal fund to fight predictable challenges to the law in court.

The states of California and Washington came close to passing GMO labeling laws by ballot measure in recent years. Currently a majority of US states are considering GMO labeling laws. Here in California, Senate Bill 1381 was introduced by Senator Noreen Evans to require GMO labeling.

There has been enormous public suspicion of GMOs in foods. Soy, corn, and canola are among the most commonly genetically modified crops, found in most non-organic processed foods.

GUEST: Andrea Stander, Director of Rural Vermont, one of the leading organizations in the fight to label GMOs

Visit www.vtrighttoknowgmos.org for more information.

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