Apr 24 2014

Daily News Flash with Arun Gupta on Net Neutrality, Bangladesh Factory Collapse Anniversary, PA-Hamas Peace Deal, and NYPD Twitter Fail

Uprising’s guest expert Arun Gupta, Independent Journalist and regular contributor to the Guardian, In These Times, The Progressive, and Truthout, and co-founder of the Occupied Wall Street Journal and the Indypendent, analyzes today’s news headlines:

In a blow to internet advocates, the Federal Communications Commission plans to introduce rules violating net neutrality. The newly appointed FCC Chair Tom Wheeler has circulated proposed rules among the commissioners who sit on the government agency. The proposal was leaked to the media yesterday prompting howls of anger from advocates of the notion that internet users should be able to access all sites equally. Large internet service providers would like to strike deals with large content providers to offer preferential access, thereby disadvantaging the majority of smaller online outlets. Wheeler is denying the characterizations of his proposal. Click here for a Time article about the story.

Today is the first anniversary of the collapse of Rana Plaza Factory in Bangladesh where more than 1,100 mostly female garment workers were killed. The workers were making clothes for a number of leading international and American clothing companies. To date, workers’ demands for adequate compensation and reforms have not been met. But, some advocacy groups are joining with retailers to mark today’s anniversary as “Fashion Revolution Day,” encouraging ordinary people to wear their clothes inside-out for the day and organize vigils the world over including in New York City’s Union Square. Click here for an Al Jazeera article about the story.

The already tenuous talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority have been further jeopardized this week after Israel renounced a peace agreement between the PA and Hamas. The two Palestinians factions had been battling one another for seven years. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu considers Hamas a “terrorist” organization, saying “Whoever chooses Hamas does not want peace.” The deadline for the US-brokered talks is April 29th. Click here for a New York Times article about the story.

A New York Police Department attempt to use social media as Public Relations has badly backfired this week. In response to a call to post photos with NYPD officers to Twitter under the #myNYPD, New Yorkers have been posting images of the NYPD’s brutality. According to the LA Times, the Twitterverse has burst into “a slew of copycat denigrations including #MYLAPD, #MYCPD and #MYAPD, chronicling the alleged police ills in Los Angeles, Chicago and Albuquerque.” Click here for an LA Times article about the story.

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