Apr 25 2014

Grammy Award Winning Musician Quetzal on the Relationship Between Art and Community Health (and UprisingTV)

This Saturday residents of Boyle Heights and surrounding areas will join community activists and artists at an all-day festival in Hollenbeck Park called SaludArte focusing on community health. The festival is the culmination of three years of work by artists and activists to “identify and acknowledge cultural treasures” in Boyle Heights.

The all-day event will be filled with 15 workshops including dance lessons, classes on songwriting, as well as other important neighborhood cultural traditions. The purpose of the event is to “offer residents and neighbors a look at how the arts can help move a genuine neighborhood agenda forward as part of a process that seeks to build a better Boyle Heights from within.”

GUEST: Quetzal Flores, Grammy award winning musician and lead staff member of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts

SaludArte will be held on Saturday April 26th in Boyle Heights from 9:30 am to 6 pm at Hollenbeck Park, 415 South St. Louis Street Los Angeles, CA 90033 United States. Click here for details.

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