Apr 29 2014

“Does the Media have a Woman Problem?”

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If you watch the news on TV, chances are that you will hear a male presenter because 60% of all television news anchors are men. If you pick up one of the top 10 most widely read newspapers in this country you’ll probably be reading an article written by a man since over 63% of the articles are written by men. And, if you start to look closely at who gets quoted most in media outlets like the New York Times, you’ll find that male “experts” outnumber women “experts” by three to one.

A study done earlier this month by the Women’s Media Center looked at 27,000 pieces of content from various news organizations like newspapers and television news shows over a three month period and found that an overwhelming number of men are delivering our news as well as being represented in our news programming.

GUEST: Liza Mundy, author of The Richer Sex and a program director at the New America Foundation, author of a New York Times op-ed entitled “The Media has a Woman Problem.”

Click here to read Liza Mundy’s article.

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