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Ozomatli LIVE on Uprising As Our TV Campaign Nears the End!

CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE FULL SEGMENT WITH OZOMATLI and JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN TO TELEVISE UPRISING. WE ONLY HAVE A FEW HOURS LEFT BEFORE THE DEADLINE!!!!! All donations of $150 or more made today will get access to a free download of Ozomatli’s performance!

Formed nearly 20 years ago the multiple Grammy award winning band Ozomatli emerged out of Los Angeles in 1995 bringing their unique mix of rock, hip hop, funk, and Latin music to the world.

The band’s roots are based in political activism with strong progressive themes running through their lyrics. They have traveled the world over bringing their energetic music to audiences in as far away as Australia and India. While they have established themselves firmly in the music industry, recording music for mainstream films and TV shows, they have remained true to their LA roots.

The latest incarnation of Ozomatli features seven members: Wil-Dog Abers, Raúl Pacheco, Justin ‘El Niño’ Porée, Asdrubal Sierra, Ulises Bella, Jiro Yamaguchi and Wally Valdez.

GUESTS: Four of Ozomatli’s members: Wil-Dog, Raul, Justin, and Asdru, live in Studio A at KPFK!

Download Ozomatli’s new album ‘Place In The Sun’ on iTunes now: http://smarturl.it/Ozo.iTunes
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