May 29 2014

Lou Vince Makes His Case for LA County Sheriff to Progressives

On Tuesday June 3rd voters across California are expected to make choices that range from ballot measures, to judges, and, most importantly for Los Angeles County, a new Sheriff. LA County Sheriff Lee Baca who recently resigned after a national scandal involving serious abuse of inmates, had held his position for four terms. LA area residents now have to choose from a field of seven candidates including former under Sheriff Paul Tanaka, who is under investigation for involvement in the abuse scandal.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department is the fourth largest policing agency and the largest Sheriff’s department in the nation. It covers all of Los Angeles County – that includes everywhere from Culver City to Gardena, Inglewood to Irwindale, Long Beach, Pasadena, Palmdale, West Hollywood, Whittier, Downey, Diamond Bar, Cerritos, Beverly Hills, and Compton. To say this election is an important one is an understatement.

Anyone who is arrested within LA County is usually sent to a County Jail before a bail hearing. On this program we had interviewed one of the candidates Robert Olmsted, a former commander in the Sheriff’s department who had turned into a whistleblower. Today, we turn to another of the candidates: Lou Vince.

With a long track record in the Los Angeles Police Department, Lou Vince wants to be the progressive voter’s candidate. Indeed he has been endorsed by a local chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America. But while he is against the death penalty, is he for preventive policing – a form of policing that focuses resources on areas that are seen as having a greater concentration of crime.

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One Response to “Lou Vince Makes His Case for LA County Sheriff to Progressives”

  1. Fred Harrison 29 May 2014 at 10:14 am

    He “wants to be the progressive voter’s candidate.” The only problem is that he is an extreme right-winger on gun control, and favors allowing everybody (probably not criminals or the mentally ill, though) to carry concealable guns.

    ‘Lou Vince was another CCW enthusiast. “Right now the only people who have guns are the crooks,” he said. “And that’s just not fair.”‘

    source: has possibly the best coverage of the Sheriff’s race.