Jun 06 2014

Daily News Flash with Maya Rockeymoore on the Jobs Report, the Seattle Campus Shooting, Ireland’s Mass Children’s Grave

Uprising’s guest expert Maya Rockeymoore, President of the Center for Global Policy Solutions, a social change non-profit dedicated to making policy work for people and their environment, analyzes today’s news headlines:

The jobs report for the month of May is here and economists – as usual – are cautiously optimistic. A total of 217,000 jobs were added last month, a figure seen as a healthy rate of growth. However, the unemployment rate remained steady at 6.3%. According to the New York Times, the numbers are, “a sign that many Americans have given up the search for work entirely and remain wary about their prospects of getting a job, not even bothering to look for one.” Bizarrely, the Times also lauded the fact that the “lack of wage growth…should calm any fears at the Federal Reserve that the gradually improving labor market will quickly create upward pressure on inflation.” Click here for a New York Times article about the story.

A 26 year old man suspected of carrying out a shooting at Seattle Pacific University yesterday was apparently obsessed with the 1999 Columbine High School mass shooting in Colorado. Aaron Ybarra, who was not a student at SPU, was armed with a knife, a shotgun, and ammunition. One person was killed and several others injured. Twenty two year old student Jon Meis has been credited with stopping the shooter, not with another gun, but with a can of pepper spray. Campus shootings have become increasingly common at a time when political deadlock over gun control has paralyzed Congress. Click here for a Washington Post article about the story.

In a horrific story that is sparking a worldwide outcry, a mass grave in Ireland containing the bodies of nearly 800 children has led to yet another investigation of the Catholic Church. The bodies of the children – some as young as 3 months – were found in the sewage tank of a home run by Catholic nuns, for unwed mothers and mothers who were rape victims. According to Reuters, “Unmarried mothers and their children were seen as a stain on Ireland’s image as a devout Catholic nation. They were also a problem for some of the fathers, particularly powerful figures such as priests and wealthy, married men.” Click here for a Reuters article about the story.

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