Jul 15 2014

Daily News Flash with Robert Jensen on Israel’s Brief Ceasefire, Bolivia’s President Morales, and Chicago’s Gun Violence

Uprising’s guest expert Robert Jensen, an author and a professor of journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, analyzes today’s news headlines:

An Egypt-brokered ceasefire in the Israeli assault on Gaza has lasted just a few hours even as more Palestinians are killed. The ceasefire which Hamas says it was not party to, ended hours after it began. After a new volley of rocket fire aimed at Israel, Israeli forces resumed heavy shelling on Gaza. About a thousand Palestinians have been injured and 180 killed, the majority of which are civilians according to the UN. At least 30 of those killed are Palestinian children. Reports have emerged of Israelis in Sderot eating popcorn on chairs on a hilltop to watch the bombing of Gaza and cheer. Meanwhile here in Los Angeles, it is now known that a federal law enforcement agent fired live ammunition at a weekend demonstration against the Israeli bombing of Gaza where pro-Israelis counter-protested. Four people were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, the weapon being a wooden flag pole. Click here for an Al Jazeera article about the ceasefire, here for an Independent article about Sderot, and here for an NBC article about the Los Angeles demonstration.

Bolivia’s president Evo Morales has announced he is seeking a third term – a move that critics are calling unconstitutional. The nation’s first indigenous president has been hailed as a champion of the poor and indeed Bolivia has seen relative peace and prosperity under Morales’ rule. A limit of two terms was added to the constitution between his first and second term. The Bolivian Supreme Court ruled last year that his first term should not be counted toward term limits. Morales has strong support in the polls against his closest rival, a wealthy businessman. Elections are planned for October. Click here for a Guardian newspaper article about the story.

The embattled city of Chicago has experienced yet another violent weekend, this time involving 22 shooting incidents. Three people were killed and more than 30 injured last weekend. The incident follows from a bloody Fourth of July weekend during which 9 people were killed and 60 injured. Even though homicides from shooting incidents are apparently slowly decreasing, Chicago remains the American city most plagued by gun violence. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has called for stricter gun control in the wake of the shootings. Here in Southern California, on Saturday, 3 people were killed in a single incident involving an armed gunman in Pasadena. Click here for an Al Jazeera article about the Chicago story, and here for a Reuters article about the Pasadena shooting.

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