Jul 15 2014

Massive Public Opposition Emerges to FCC Rules Violating Net Neutrality

More than 600,000 Americans have filed comments to the Federal Communications Commission on the issue of Net Neutrality – the idea that the internet is a level playing field whether you’re a behemoth like Google or a citizen journalist with a brand new blog.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed a new set of rules several weeks ago that critics say would eviscerate that level playing field by effectively creating a fast lane for businesses who can pay more for faster broadband service, and a slower lane for, well – everyone else.

That everyone else includes the website for this show and this radio station, as well as new start-up and small independent businesses, new media ventures, non-profit organizations, and more.

Big companies like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo have joined forces through their trade association in support of preserving Net Neutrality. Today is the last day in the first round of a public comments period.

GUEST: Kevin Huang, campaign manager with Fight for the Future.

Comments to the FCC can be emailed to openinternet@fcc.gov. Visit www.fcc.gov to www.battleforthenet.com.

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