Sep 03 2014

Fast Food Workers Plan Largest Ever One-Day Walkout and Civil Disobedience

President Obama on Labor Day this Monday, addressed a group of workers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, drawing a line in the sand over low wages. As part of his push to increase the federal minimum wage, and as an opening salvo in the mid-term election campaigns of his Democratic Congressional colleagues, the President backed a union struggle for high wages.

Meanwhile, fast food workers and their union allies are upping the ante on their on-going struggle for higher wages. Demanding $15 an hour and the right to be represented by a union, workers around the nation, in cities in California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, and more, will be walking off their jobs this Thursday.

It is shaping up to be the seventh walkout since the campaign began in New York 2 years ago and is shaping up to be the largest. Some cities may witness workers engaging in civil disobedience, as many have pledged to “do whatever it takes” to achieve their ends.

Meanwhile the National Restaurant Association has responded saying the strike was a base attempt by unions to boost their falling membership rates.

GUESTS: Pastor William Smart, President and CEO of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California, Moses Brook has worked at McDonald’s for almost 3 years and makes $9 an hour and plans to join other workers for a walkout on Thursday

Visit on the morning of Thursday September 4th, to find out where strikes are planned.

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