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How Next Week’s Elections Could Shape the American Political Future

Midterm elections take place next Tuesday November 4th around the nation, from local races and measures, to state-wide propositions and governor’s races, and of course Congressional races in both the Senate and the House.

Currently Republicans control the House with Democrats having a slim Senate majority. That could very well change next week with Republicans being projected to win at least 50 seats in the Senate and Democrats a decisive 47. Three races throw a wrench into the works.

In both Louisiana and Georgia, the presence of third party candidates could force a run-off between the top two vote getters, postponing final results until December and January. And in Kansas, an independent whose allegiance to Democrats is still questionable, could win.

Republicans are likely to retain control of the House, albeit with a smaller majority. The GOP also looks set to win more gubernatorial elections than Democrats.

GUEST: John Nichols, the Washington DC correspondent for the Nation Magazine, a contributing writer for the Progressive and In These Times, and associate editor of the Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin. He has written many books, the latest of which is co-written with Bob McChesney called Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Campaign is Destroying America.