Nov 20 2014

Putting the Controversy Over Cosby Into Context

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The legendary comedian and actor Bill Cosby was all set for an on-screen comeback with two major projects when executives at NBC decided to drop his show, and Netflix announced an indefinite postponement of a comedy special. Cosby has been hit with allegations for many years and these have resurfaced in recent days.

While we will leave the details of the allegations to the tabloid press, what has emerged is a disturbing pattern of abuse: various women say they were drugged and raped by Cosby. Some of the incidents in question go back decades.

But Bill Cosby is still synonymous with Cliff Huxtable, the charming father and husband he played on television for decades, breaking racial barriers, and becoming an icon for many who followed. Despite his often paternalistic exhortations for young black men to be better parents and take more responsibility, for the most part his persona remained untouched, until now.

GUEST: Stacia L. Brown, freelance writer, culture critic, and mother. She is also an adjunct writing professor in Michigan and Maryland and has written for the Huffington Post, Salon, The Atlantic, the Washington Post, Slate, and Colorlines.

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