Dec 15 2014

Newsflash: Sydney Standoff and Pennsylvania Shooting, ‘Weak’ Climate Agreement in Lima, ‘Justice for All’ Marches

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Uprising’s guest expert Rahul Mahajan, a sociologist and news analyst and author of Full Spectrum Dominance: US Power in Iraq and Beyond, analyzes today’s news headlines:

A number of people are being held hostage in a chocolate shop in Sydney, Australia since last night. With little real information to go on, all that is known is that a black flag with white Arabic writing was held up in the shop window by hostages, suggesting the action has a political goal, possibly related to the Islamic State. Media have released the name of an Iranian born person they believe to be the armed gunman keeping people hostage – Man Haron Monis. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, another situation also involving guns is unfolding: a man believed to be a military veteran, early this morning, killed at least 5 people in three separate incidents in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He is still at large.

Click here for the ABC News report, Sydney Hostage Crisis: At Least 12 People Flee Lindt Chocolate Shop, Standoff Continues.

Click here for The Guardian article, Sydney Siege Reports of Hostage Situation Inside Martin Place Cafe.

Click here for the ABC 30 News story, Suspect barricaded after Pennsylvania shootings: 5 dead.

The United Nations’ latest climate summit in Peru Lima, has just wrapped up. And, as expected, the news is grim. Delegates to the COP20 climate talks were charged with laying the groundwork for a summit in Paris next year. But the agreement they came to was so weak, climate justice activists are calling it a “roadmap to global burning.” One environmentalist complained that it “is taking us backwards,” while another declared that it has set the earth for an average warming of 3-4 degrees Celsius. Scientists have estimated that the planet can take no more than a 2 degree warming to stave off catastrophic impacts.

Click here for the Common Dreams article, ‘A Roadmap to Global Burning’: COP20 Closes With Even Weaker Climate Pact.

And finally, thousands of people marched in Washington DC on Saturday demanding an end to police violence aimed at communities of color. The march, headed by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, included a rally featuring the parents of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, John Crawford III, Tamir Rice and Amadou Diallo, among others. None of the anti-police brutality youth activists who have been tirelessly organizing in Ferguson, Missouri, was asked to speak on stage however, leading a small group to briefly commandeer the microphone. On the same day as the march, St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch quietly released a third trove of Grand Jury evidence related to the shooting death of Michael Brown. The documents, which McCulloch says were “inadvertently” kept from the public in the initial release, included audio of the gunshots and testimony from Dorian Johnson, Brown’s companion during the incident.

Click here for The New York Times article, More Files Are Released in Shooting in Ferguson.

Click here for The Washington Post article, Thousands Join Al Sharpton in ‘Justice for All’ March in D.C.

Click here for The Root article, The Fierce Urgency of Now: Why Young Protesters Bum-Rushed the Mic.

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