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Community Outraged Over Denver Police Shooting of 16-Year Old Girl

GUEST: Dave Strano and Robert Guerrero with the Denver Community Defense Committee.

Police in Denver, Colorado are under fire this week for the shooting death of a 16-year old girl named Jessie Hernandez on Monday morning. Hernandez was apparently driving a car that police say was stolen. There were three other girls and one boy, all teenagers – in the car with her. The officers allege that Hernandez struck one of them in the leg forcing them to shoot at her. But this news media are reporting this is the fourth time in 7 months that Denver police shot at people claiming they were using their vehicles as weapons.

After Hernandez was shot multiple times by two officers, her body was reportedly handcuffed, pushed around, and searched while she lay dying. There was no immediate medical assistance, similar to the case of 12-year old Tamir Rice who was killed by police in Cleveland, Ohio. Hernandez, who was openly gay, was loved in her community and her death was protested this week by her family and friends who are outraged at what they see as yet another instance of police abuse.

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