Mar 18 2015

GOP Shenanigans Delay Loretta Lynch’s Confirmation, Again

GUEST: David Dayen, contributing writer to Salon, weekly columnist at The Fiscal Times.

Just when the confirmation process for Loretta Lynch as Attorney General seems to be wrapping a new obstacle has emerged this week in the GOP-dominated Congress. And, as expected, it’s a bizarre obstacle. An anti-human trafficking bill pushed by the GOP was held up this week by Senate Democrats over language concerning abortion. So, Republicans hit back, saying they would hold Lynch’s nomination hostage until the bill passed.

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One Response to “GOP Shenanigans Delay Loretta Lynch’s Confirmation, Again”

  1. Mark Kelleyon 19 Mar 2015 at 11:16 pm

    At no time during this segment did either of you mention this lady’s actual RECORD! Maybe, just maybe, THAT is a reason to hold up her nomination…or reject her outright. So what if she would be the first black female AG, or that she happens to be Obama’s nominee. Those factors are completely irrelevant! It’s her RECORD that should determine whether or not she should be confirmed.

    For those that are interested in these facts, I invite everyone to check out Mike Papantonio’s discussion of her on a recent episode of Ring of Fire. Specifically, she is yet another corporate lawyer from the same private firm as Eric Holder – Covington & Burling. That’s right, another defender of big corporations and their incalculable transgressions. In other words, more of the same old same old….