Mar 30 2015

The Germanwings Crash, and Western Hypocrisy On “Terrorism”

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GUEST: Dean Obeidallah, award-winning comedian, co-director of the 2013 film The Muslims Are Coming. He writes regularly for and the Daily Beast.

The tragic plane crash in the French Alps last week that killed 150 people is being treated with great sensitivity by authorities and the media. After all, the pilot was a troubled man with medical and psychological problems. He even had a doctor’s note to call in sick but ignored it, locked his co-pilot out of the cock-pit and flew himself and more than a hundred other innocent souls to their doom.

But what if Andreas Lubitz had been Ahmed or Mohammad? We know how the script would have unfolded and how the T-word would have been expressed at the outset, before any facts came to light.

Here in the US, the hypocrisy is just as appalling. In mid-March, a 63-year old man named Richard White, who is a Jehovah’s Witness, attacked TSA officers at New Orleans airport. And then, days later, a 67-year old white man named Michael Sibley based in Georgia, planted two bombs at a national park. The self-described “patriot” even placed a Koran with the bombs to make it look like a Muslim might have done the deed.

But there was so little news coverage of these two incidents that it’s likely you have not heard of them. What if the two men had been Muslim men? We would have heard no end of the “deadly specter of the home grown terrorist.”

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