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A Sweeping Look at the Vietnamese Community in the US, 40 Years After End of War

GUEST: Dr. Natalie Newton, Vietnamese American progressive activist and research affiliate at UC Irvine, who has worked on deportations, sexual violence, LGBT justice, and the Trans Pacific Partnership. She is on the Executive Board of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance.

Continuing our coverage of the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War and its aftermath, we turn now to the Vietnamese American community in the US. The fall of Saigon precipitated a massive evacuation of US service men and South Vietnamese out of the country. It was the largest helicopter evacuation in history. And, in the years following the end of the war, about 2 million more Vietnamese left by boat, earning the moniker “Boat People.” Many died at sea, and others ended up in refugee camps, a good portion of whom made their way to the US. Today, there make up the fourth largest group of immigrants of Asian origin in the US, clustering in California and Texas in particular.

To learn more about the Union of the Vietnamese Student Associations go to www.uvsa.org.