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A Conversation with Randall Robinson on Race, Racism, History, Fiction, and More

GUEST: Randall Robinson is a professor of law at Pennsylvania State Law School. His latest book is a historical novel called ‘Makeda’, about a young black man coming of age during the civil rights movement and the spiritual connection he has to his grandmother….

We are living in a moment when the crucial issues of race and racism in the United States have once more gripped the national consciousness. As unarmed African Americans are gunned down by police and white vigilantes with few, if any, consequences, the need for a serious reckoning is absolutely urgent. Black Lives do Matter. And while the insistence of that message is perhaps being heard, the question remains, what is being done about it? How much of our current state of affairs is rooted in history, and even an erasure of history.

To learn more about Randall Robinson’s work visit randallrobinson.com.