Jun 23 2015

New UN Report on Gaza War Blames Both Sides Despite Israel’s Disproportionate Crimes

GUEST: Jennifer Loewenstein, Faculty associate in Middle East Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

A special commission on last summer’s brutal Israeli war on the Gaza strip has submitted a scathing report to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The report, released on Monday in Geneva, was authored by Mary McGowan Davis. McGowan Davis is a former New York Supreme Court judge. The report points out that Israel violated international law in its air and ground operations during the 51-day war, and that Palestinian armed groups flouted law in relying on indiscriminate rockets launched at Israel.

Of course, Israel, which refused to cooperate with investigators, carried out the overwhelming bulk of attacks on Gaza’s civilian population, killing far greater numbers of people than groups like Hamas did.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately denounced the report saying, “The report is biased. The commission that wrote it is under a committee that does everything but protect human rights.” An on-going war crimes inquiry by the International Criminal Court is expected to include this report.

Meanwhile Israel released its own report last week completely absolving itself of wrong-doing.

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One Response to “New UN Report on Gaza War Blames Both Sides Despite Israel’s Disproportionate Crimes”

  1. Ico Uceon 23 Jun 2015 at 11:19 pm

    Ms. Lowenstein cites the Gaza hospitals, schools, and U.N. facilities that came under Israeli air attack, but studiously and disingenuously neglects to mention the unequivocally FACT that these locations were being illegally used by Hamas for military purposes, and thus putting their own civilian population in explicit and immediate danger.