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Lessons From the Fight Against TPP Fast Track

GUEST: Ilana Solomon, Director, Responsible Trade Program of the Sierra Club.

The Senate passed a major Trade Promotion Authority bill last week that handed President Obama a victory he has been working hard to achieve. Now, the President will have the authority to send an already negotiated trade deal to Congress for a simple yes or no vote, with no power to make amendments.

In his attempt to pass it, The President made many claims, including how the massive trade deal would be good for workers, wages, the environment, and more. But organized labor, with its hindsight knowledge of the disaster of NAFTA, lobbied hard against Fast Track for the TPP. They were joined by environmentalists, students, and many activists of different stripes.

The multifaceted coalition that mobilized against Fast Track made real in-roads into public education of the secretive and destructive trade deal. But, in the end, it failed. Or did it?

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