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Right Wing Terrorism Far More Dangerous than Radical Islam

GUEST: David Sterman, program associate at New America and has a Masters from Georgetown’s Center for Security Studies. His work focuses on homegrown extremism and the maintenance of New America’s datasets on terrorism inside the United States.

Judging by the priorities of the US government and media coverage, most Americans likely view the threat of radical Islam as the greatest source of terrorism in the US today. But they would be wrong. Twice as wrong in fact, as per the results of a survey conducted by New America Foundation.

The group tallied attacks by individuals claiming to be jihadists and compared the numbers with attacks by people espousing right-wing extremist and anti-government ideology. Since 9/11, people like Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev have killed 26 people in the US, whereas people like Charleston shooter Dylann Roof have killed 48. There have been 7 instances of jihadi terror and 19 instances of right-wing terror.

Click here to see the data gathered by New America Foundation. Or visit, NewAmerica.org.