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Newsflash: Palestinian Baby Killed, Activists Protest Shell Ship, Sanders’ House Parties

Uprising’s guest expert Cristina Mislan, Assistant Professor of Journalism Studies, Missouri School of Journalism, analyzes today’s news headlines:

Jewish Israeli settlers set fire to two Palestinian homes in the West Bank this morning, killing a toddler, and injuring four others. The baby was 18-month old Ali Saad Dawabsha. The arsonists spray painted the Star of David on the walls of the burned homes and scrawled the word “revenge.” According to the Washington Post, “The arson assault was quickly labeled a ‘price tag attack’ in the Israeli media — a phrase used to describe violence and vandalism carried out by settlers and their supporters to extract ‘a price’ for any actions against them, either by the Israeli government or Palestinians.” Both Palestinian and Israeli officials agreed that the attack was an act of terrorism. Jewish settlers in the West Bank have targeted both Palestinians and the Israeli government, demanding the building of more settlements. Click here for a Vice.com article, and here for a Washington Post article about the story.

Environmental activists in Portland, Oregon, have ended their two-day protest against a Shell icebreaker ship called the Fennica. The ship was held up for two days after several people blocked it from leaving the port. Some activists hung from a bridge while others were in kayaks on the water, attempting to block it. The Fennica is headed to the Arctic to break up ice in the Chukchi Sea so that Shell can commence drilling, that the activists are worried will destroy a fragile natural environment and fuel climate change. The groups involved were from the Portland-area Climate Action Coalition – including 350PDX, Portland Rising Tide and the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network and were supported by Greenpeace. The ship has now been able to leave the port. Click here for a Guardian newspaper article, and here for a USA Today article about the story.

Supporters of Bernie Sanders’ Presidential candidacy packed into thousands of homes this week at house parties to hear a simulcast of his message. Sen. Sanders spoke from a home in Washington DC and his remarks were broadcast into 3,500 homes, bars, coffee shops, and more across the nations at which 100,000 people were estimated to have gathered. During his address he continued to focus on income inequality, saying, “The American people in our great country believe that our government should belong to all of us and not as is currently the case to a handful of billionaires.” Sanders also mentioned Sandra Bland, the African American woman who died in police custody in Texas and whose death has angered the public. He said, “People should not die because they did not put a signal on making a right turn.” The event broke records for turnout for a campaign event. Click here for a Commondreams article about the story.