Aug 25 2015

Most Persian Jews Back US-Iran Nuclear Deal

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GUEST: Reese Erlich, veteran freelance foreign correspondent who has traveled widely across the Middle East and just returned from reporting for the Global Post from Iran. He has written a number of books including, Conversations with Terrorists: Middle East Leaders on Politics, Violence, and Empire.

The US Congress has until September 17th to ratify President Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement: the Iran nuclear deal. But, much uncertainly remains, mostly due to Republican intransigence over any cooperation with Iran. But both Democratic and Republicans members recently returned from a summer trip to Israel, funded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the main lobby group for the Israeli government. AIPAC and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have made it their mission to convince Congress to vote down the Iran nuclear deal.

But what do Jewish Iranians think about the deal? Iran is home to one of the largest Jewish populations in the Middle East, after Israel. Persian Jews have called Iran their home for many generations. Reese Erlich just returned from a trip to Iran where he reported on Jewish Iranian views on the nuclear deal for the Global Post.

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