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Ted Rall Battles the LA Times, LAPD, & Publishes New Book on Snowden

GUEST: Ted Rall, award-winning political cartoonist and author of Snowden.

Award winning political cartoonist and commentator Ted Rall is juggling multiple stories these days. There’s the story of his own entanglements with the Los Angeles Times and how the LAPD convinced the paper to stop hiring him over a long-ago encounter with cops. And then there’s the new book he has just published about Edward Snowden called simply Snowden.

Both stories are complex but at least Snowden’s is well known. The LAPD/LA Times kerfuffle has mostly been viewed through the lens of the Times itself and many gleeful right wing websites.

In a nutshell, it all started on May 11th when Rall wrote in the LA Times about an encounter he had with the LAPD over ten years ago where he were handcuffed and ticketed allegedly for jaywalking. He wrote that the officer in question roughed him up and passersby gathered yelling at the cop. The description of the encounter was in context of a larger story of how LAPD aggressively target people for jay walking.

Then, a month ago on July 28th, the Times effectively fired Rall, saying that the LAPD contacted them, gave them a copy of the audio recording of the event to prove that Rall were lying. Editor Nicholas Goldberg wrote a somber “Note to Readers,” declaring “Rall’s future work will not appear in The Times.”

Follow his work at Rall.com.