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US National Parks Have a Sordid History of Violent Displacement

GUEST: Julian Brave NoiseCat is the Native Issues Fellow at The Huffington Post and a member of the Canim Lake Band Tsq’escen in British Columbia, where he was nominated to run for Chief in 2014.

An organization known as Survival International has launched a campaign criticizing conservation efforts in the US and abroad. On the surface this sounds extremely regressive. But the campaign, dubbed “Stop the Con,” makes the case that conservation efforts like national parks and nature reserves are often built on the violent displacement of indigenous communities that called those spaces their home.

Take Yosemite for example. In 1851 California soldiers came across the land that is now a famed tourist destination, and kicked out the Ahwahneechee tribe. The displacement, that wrapped up as recently as 1969, erased the history of indigenous people and whitewashed the idea of conservation. Writing about the campaign in the Huffington Post the week that the National Park Service turned 99 years old, is my guest,

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