Sep 22 2015

Why Did Greeks Just Reelect Alexis Tsipras?

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GUEST: Harry Konstantinidis, a faculty member in economics at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Greek elections resulted in a second win for Syriza Party leader Alexis Tspiras on Sunday. The embattled Prime Minister had faced growing uncertainty over his mandate after a stunning victory on an anti-austerity platform earlier this year and then a capitulation to creditors.

The snap elections were a major risk, and pollsters had been unable to predict a clear victory. But Mr. Tspiras’ party emerged with a plurality of votes. Still, only 56% of Greek voters turned out to cast ballots – much lower than in the two elections earlier this year. In his victory speech, Tspiras said, “The mandate that the Greek people gave us is crystal clear: to get rid of the wickedness and the regime of corruption and intertwined interests that have ruled the country for years.”

Syriza will have 145 seats in the parliament, out of 300. This is only 4 fewer than what it had when it first came to power.

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