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Everything You Need to Know About Rush Limbaugh “Conservatism”

GUEST: Elmer Lightman, author of Everything You Need to Know About Rush Limbaugh “Conservatism”: A Handbook for All Americans, from Left to Right. He is a history teacher, professor of communication ethics, has been media adviser to environment, health, education, and human rights organizations.

When Scott Walker announced the end of his presidential campaign, some people attributed his campaign’s failure to conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, whose wields great influence among conservatives.

The Rush Limbaugh Show is the highest rated talk radio show in the United States, drawing an audience of 15 million people every week. His particular brand of conservatism has infected many sectors of American society and my guest Elmer Lightman has taken it upon himself to closely study Limbaugh’s words and thought process.

Find out more about his book at ElmerLightman.com.