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One Year After Mexico’s 43 Disappeared, Justice Remains Elusive

GUEST: Laura Carlsen is the Director of the Americas Program of the Center for International Policy, a columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus, and host of a program on Telesur English.

It’s been a year since 43 students in Iguala, in the Mexican state of Guerrero, disappeared, sparking a nation-wide crisis. Tens of thousands of people gathered on the streets of Mexico City on Saturday to remember the students and to continue to demand for justice. Iguala mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife were among the dozens of people arrested in the case last year after there was widespread public outrage. But as yet the story of what exactly happened to the missing students is not known.

The missing 43 students have become a symbol of the thousands of people who have disappeared across Mexico in connection with the drug war. To help us understand where things are a year later, is the Mexico-City based journalist Laura Carlsen, who happens to be in New York for a Mexico Human Rights Tribunal.

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